Personal Post #3 – I have sunk to a new low

I’ve sunk to a new low…or swelled up to a new high, depending on how you look at it.

I am now wearing Crocs in public, outside the house.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Crocs.  In fact as I am now wearing them in public, I am appreciating how comfy they are, it’s just that they aren’t my idea of shoes that go with anything other than gym clothes on the way to a shower trailer on a deployment somewhere (their flip flops are the BEST shower shoes) or kicking around the house where no one can see you.

I’ve had to buy new Crocs in an effort to 1. fit into shoes based on my pregnant swollen feet and 2. try to have a pair that don’t scream “I’m wearing plastic shoes.”  I went to their website a few weeks ago to look for a pair that was more incognito than my original pastel blue colored ones with the heel loop.

I was amazed, I mean AMAZED to see the massive amount of Crocs shoes there are now.  I knew they had stores and kiosks at malls, so logically I knew they would have to have a few more pairs than the original ones and flip flops but I was unprepared for the absolute Long Tail of shoes awaiting my perusal.  On just the women’s site alone there are 155 different models.  That’s not 155 with all the different colors, that 155 different models.  They’ve even jumped on the ‘toning shoe‘ wagon and have ballerina flats in leather lined with lambswool (now 50% off!).  And heels.  Crocs heels?!?  They sure have diversified from the original plastic clog.

Here’s the pair I ended up getting (or you could just look at my feet the next time you see me in school..).  They are super comfy and fit my very swollen feet.  I might be trying to make myself feel better, but I think at a (quick) glance they can pass for just brown shoes (until you notice the vent holes).  Plus they were on sale so only having to spend $20 made me feel better about wearing them out in public.  I do feel like I need to be on the lookout for Clinton and Stacy to ask me what the hell is on my feet…but at least I’ll be comfy and won’t have to wear them too much longer, only 4 more weeks!

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