Welcome to my blog!  This is a class project for Intro to Social Media, part of the Master’s of Professional Studies in Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies.

I’ve never blogged before, although I’ve lurked on plenty of blogs in the past.  I’ll be posting weekly class assignments (identified by Weekly#x) and some random postings here and there, mostly stuff that I find interesting or amusing.

About me: I’m a U.S. Army Public Affairs Officer (PAO) who is lucky enough to be attending grad school full time.  I’m dual-military (meaning my husband is also in the Army) and I’ve been in the Army for 14 years.  I’ve been a PAO for 7 years and am a 1996 grad of the United States Military Academy at West Point with a degree in Environmental Science.  I’m interested in reading, baking and preparing for the new arrival.

Blog Disclaimer: The thoughts, views, pictures and comments expressed on this blog in no way represent the views of the U.S. Army, DOD, or the United States Government. These are my thoughts and views unless otherwise stated.


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